Crane Wheel Assembly

1. 40Cr, 42CrMo steel or HT200 grey cast iron material, high strength with minimized wheel diameter.
2. Modular design, compact structure, high degree of standardization and easy assembling.
3. According to DIN standards, auto-placement and convenient installation.

Product Details

Crane Wheel Assembly


Crane wheel is replaced because of flange wear, flange breakage, and mechanical overloads characterized by pitting and spalling. Each of factors in-service must be carefully considered before the combination of wheel design, such as material selection, hardness pattern and heat treating technology.

That's why every hardened steel crane wheel is specially designed and heat treated to maximize its resistance to the damaging forces at work in heavy industrial applications.


* 40Cr, 42CrMo steel or HT200 grey cast iron material, high strength, large pressure load; with minimized wheel diameter.

* Modular design, compact structure, high standardization and easy assembling.

* DIN standard internal spline connection, automatic positioning and easy disassembly and assembly.

Technical Data  of Crane wheel       


Production Process

wheel making process .jpg

Factory View of Finework Cranes


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