10 Ton Single Girder Gantry Crane 5-15m/Min Lifting Speed For Industrial Factory

Cantilever Length:0-15m
Lifting Speed:5-15M/MIN
Trolley Running Speed:20-40M/MIN
Crane Running Speed:30-50M/MIN
Control Method:Cabin Control/wire Rope Remote Control
Protection Grade:IP54

Product Details

10 ton Single Girder Chinese Gantry Crane for Industrial Factory


Product Description

10 ton Single Girder Chinese Gantry Crane is a regular crane widely used at open ground and warehouses to load or grab materials. There are two kinds of operation: ground or air operation. The crane power supply can be through cable car and cable drum reel, and customers can choose one of them.


Regular Maintenance

The working performance and service life of each mechanism of lubricating bridge erecting machine depend on lubrication to a great extent. When lubricated, the maintenance of mechanical and electrical products, lubrication refer to their own manual, walking cart, heavy truss truck should be a weekly note of grease. Attention should be paid to wire breakage of the wire rope. If there is broken wire, broken stock or wear to reach the scrapping standard, should be replaced in time. Spreader spreader must be inspected periodically. The pulley block of bridge erecting machine mainly checks the wear condition of rope groove, whether the wheel rim is cracked and whether the pulley is stuck on the shaft. Check the rim and tread of the wheel regularly, and replace the wheel when the rim is worn or cracked to 10% thickness. Bridge erection machine brake should be checked once per shift. The brake should move accurately and the pin shaft is not allowed to jam. The brake shoe shall be properly fitted to the brake wheel and the shoe clearance shall be equal when the brake is released.


Parts Of Crane


10 Ton Single Girder Gantry Crane 5-15m/Min Lifting Speed For Industrial Factory

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