5ton Capacity Hook Gantry Crane Double Girder With Electric Trolley

Cantilever Length:0-15m
Trolley Running Speed:20-40M/MIN
Lifting Speed:5-15M/MIN
Crane Running Speed:30-50M/MIN
Control Method:Cabin Control/wire Rope Remote Control
Insulation Grade:F

Product Details

5Ton Capacity Double Girder Hook Gantry Crane With Electric Trolley


Product Description

5Ton Capacity Double Girder Hook Gantry Crane With Electric Trolley is a large crane, the structure of the beam and column is a "door" shape, deliberately move on the track, with a greater load, gantry crane has energy saving and environmental protection, high reliability, lifting capacity, small maintenance workload, easy to achieve automation and other advantages.


Work Duty

The classification of work level is determined by the utilization level U and the load state Q of the crane. They are divided into A1 ~ A8 grades. The working level of the crane, that is, the working level of the metal structure, is determined by the lifting mechanism and divided into a1-a8 levels, if compared with the working type of the crane stipulated in China.

Roughly equivalent to: a1-a4-light; A5 - A6 -; A7- heavy, A8- extra heavy.

Gantry crane is also known as gantry crane work class A: it reflects the crane in the state of load and utilization of busy two aspects of the working characteristics.


Product Maintenance

Attention should be paid to wire breakage of the wire rope. If there is broken wire, broken strand or wear to reach the scrapping standard, should be replaced in time new rope, can choose the wire rope including phosphating coating wire rope, galvanized wire rope and smooth wire rope.

The working performance and service life of each crane mechanism largely depend on lubrication. When lubricated, the maintenance of mechanical and electrical products, lubrication refer to their own manual, walking cart, heavy truss truck should be a weekly note of grease. Industrial gear oil (SY1172 -- 80) 200 should be injected into the winch. The height of the oil level should be checked frequently and supplemented in time.

Spreader must be inspected regularly.

Mainly check the wear condition of the rope groove, whether the flange is cracked and whether the pulley is stuck on the shaft.

Inspect the rim and tread regularly, and replace the wheel when the rim is worn or cracked to 10% thickness. When the diameter difference between the two driving wheels on the tread is more than D/600, or when there is a serious scar on the tread, the tread should be re-polished.

Each shift should be checked.

Brake should be accurate, the pin shaft is not allowed to jam. The brake shoe shall be properly fitted to the brake wheel and the shoe clearance shall be equal when the brake is released.


Package & Delivery


5ton Capacity Hook Gantry Crane Double Girder With Electric Trolley SGS


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