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Five Important Cranes Parameters to Know before Purchasing a Crane.

Dec 05, 2018

Five Important Cranes Parameters to Know before Purchasing a Crane

Crane widely used in plants, warehouses, material stocks to lift goods or materials. It is prohibited to use equipment in the combustible, explosive to corrosives  environment.


In order to supply the suitable overhead crane, each buyer should understand these technical parameters as follows: crane lifting capacity, crane lifting height, work duty, span, and control model.

1.  Crane lifting capacity means the crane lifting weight.The lifting capacity of a machine refers to the maximal weight that it can safely lift. For optimal results when it comes to using a crane, be sure to identify its lifting capacity. Failing to do so can result in serious damage to the machine or even serious injury.

2. Crane lifting height refers to how much height can the crane lift. You must understand that the difference among crane clearance, height of lift or hook height and hoist lift, and don't be confused by a vendor quote regarding the term “Lift”. Take a single girder overhead crane for example.

bridge crane

3.Crane span means the horizontal distance center to center of the runway beams.


4.Control model. Usually, there are three control method: pendent control, remote control    and cabin control. Most cranes support all three ways.

Bridge crane

5.Work duty.it can be classified from A1 to A8.It depend on how many hours the crane will be work every day.