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Part of the electric hoist

May 07, 2018

The components of the electric hoist are: motor, transmission mechanism, reel and chain wheel.

There are four types of motors in different locations:

(1) the electric hoist perpendicular to the axis of the axis of the motor uses a worm gear drive, the width is large, the structure is heavy, the mechanical efficiency is low, and the processing is difficult. There is no manufacturer to produce this type of structure.

(2) the electric hoist with the axis of the motor parallel to the axis of the reel has the advantages of small height and length. The disadvantages are wide width, large grouping, complex manufacturing and assembly, and large turning radius.

(3) the electric hoist installed in the drum is characterized by its small size and compact structure. The main disadvantages are poor heat dissipation condition and poor grouping. The motor is difficult to inspect, install and maintain, and the power supply device is complex.

(4) the electric hoist installed outside the drum is characterized by good grouping, high degree of generalization, easy lifting and lifting, convenient installation and maintenance. Its disadvantage is that it is large in length.