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The role of the limit switch

Dec 25, 2018

What Is a Limit Switch

A limit switch is a critical component of overhead crane safety. Limit switches are electromechanical devices that regulate everything from household appliances to industrial machinery. And for an overhead crane, they provide solid, established points of reference for maintaining efficiency, reliability and safety standards.

Limit switches have practically limitless applications in regulating crane operation to prevent potential incidents. For instance, when ropes come out of groove or in preventing two trolleys from impacting on the same bridge structure.

In addition, a limit switch keeps a crane from lifting loads above rated capacity. Another kind of limit switch prevents a hoist from reaching the upper block and rope drum. Yet another type protects motors from overheating.

Without overhead crane limit switches, the potential for harm is quite high. For this reason, each limit switch should be inspected and maintained regularly.

As they open or close electrical circuits, limit switches wear out over time. To monitor wear and replace switches before they fail, limit switches should be checked daily before a crane is used.