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What are EOT Cranes and Hoists?

Nov 26, 2018

What are EOT Cranes and Hoists?

EOT stands for Electric Overhead Traveling, so in essence this is a moveable overhead crane that is powered by electronics. Most overhead cranes and hoists are custom built so that they work perfectly in a designate workspace. Different industries have different requirements, and so each crane can have different technologies built into them. These overhead cranes and hoists are used in many different industries; construction companies who have to move materials, production halls, assembly lines, storage areas, and even power stations use overhead cranes and hoists. The rest of this article will be devoted to discussing types of electric cranes.

There are a series of questions that you could ask yourself to determine what type of crane you need, as well as helping to pick the specific type of EOT Crane. First, what is the capacity of your lifting requirements? This is one of the most important questions, and you must determine a standard weight, size, and lifting style for your production or application. Secondly, what type of Duty Cycle will you be using your EOT Crane and hoist?  This answer involves answering how many lifts per hour and how long each lift is.  These are just some of the considerations you must take into account. Contacting a local overhead crane and hoist construction company will help you answer a full set of questions. A professional company will take you through each question one at a time, so that they can fully understand you business and needs.

There are four main types of EOTs: Single girder, double girder bridge, gantry, and monorail. Each of these cranes are highly specialize, but can be consider part of three categories:

Single girder bridge crane

Top running single girder bridge cranes

Double girder bridge crane

Top running double girder bridge cranes

Suspension bridge crane

Under-running single girder bridge cranes

For some reason, there is a misnomer when it comes to double and single girders. Double girder cranes are not necessarily more durable than a single girder. They are actually equally strong and durable. A single girder is created with much stronger girders. Instead of thinking about the durability between the two, it is important to consider the functions of both. A double girder has a better lifting height, where as single girder is easier and less expensive to install.