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What are the advantages of smart cranes compared to conventional cranes?

Nov 23, 2019

With the development of industrial production, the demand for intelligent cranes in the industry is gradually increasing. The traditional crane equipment is used in a harsh environment. Manual operation is dangerous and increases the cost of use. Therefore, the development and production of intelligent cranes as soon as possible is the development trend of the industry.

At present, most cranes require qualified manual operations. This brings the human capital expenditure to the enterprise, but the intelligent crane can realize the intelligent operation of no one, and it is more green and environmentally friendly, which is favored by customers. High speed and high efficiency reduce the cost accounting requirements of crane products. With regard to intelligence, it is mainly focused on the requirements of simple operation, environmental protection and strong applicability. At present, the important direction of the development of intelligent cranes is the collection of electromechanical phosgene and high mechanization and automation.

The following outlines the advantages of smart cranes over traditional cranes:

1. Combine intelligent systems with operations to reduce labor costs and reduce business costs

2 Through the intelligent system, the operation is more precise and can reach higher standards.

3. Protect the environment and reduce energy consumption

4. Reduce the risk and reduce the danger caused by human operation

Therefore, the intelligent development trend of cranes has increased, and it has gradually become an indispensable part of industrial upgrading.

At present, smart cranes have begun to be used in many places. For example, Smart gantry crane used in the port.

Packing and automatic unloading, etc., can also be remotely controlled and monitored. Unmanned warehouses are now being built, and unmanned workshops are gradually increasing.

The system can reduce the actual operation and management personnel, and achieve the unmanned technology of warehouse management.

However, the actual operating environment is complex and variable, and it is affected by on-site electromagnetic interference and complex use environment, and it is necessary to achieve a higher intelligent system.

Now the intelligence of intelligent cranes is mainly manifested in local intelligence, such as intelligent anti-touch, intelligent positioning, etc., but complete intelligence

The system is still in the stage of exploration and development. therefore. The development of intelligent cranes should be combined with information systems to build a comprehensive intelligent system.

And to ensure the unmanned development of intelligent cranes.

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