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What is a Wire Rope Hoist

Nov 26, 2018

What is a Wire Rope Hoist?

A hoist is used to lift and lower a load of heavy construction materials (that may be wood, metals, bricks, tools and other materials and goods). The hoist is attached to a drum or lift wheel, which is attached by a wire rope. There is a lifting hook that allows the hoist to lift the heaviest loads via manual operation, electrical operation, or pneumatic operation.

Electric power is what you will find most hoists use. Many hoists are package hoists, meaning that they are built as a single unit. Wire rope hoists tend to be lighter in weight per unit length. The length is limited by the diameter of the drum that the cable is wrapped around. The lift chain of the wire rope hoist is larger than the lift wheel over which the chain functions.

You can find many wire rope hoists with a large diameter hoist drum, which allows for easy positioning and closer approaches. With a larger drum diameter, you get a near vertical lift with a single reeved hoist. In the end, you will find that you will get exceptionally smooth movement, and fast load positioning. Another benefit is the shorter frame length, giving you closer end approaches.