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Which hoist is better: Chain hoist or Wire Rope hoist

Aug 14, 2018

Chain Hoist

Chain Hoist

Chain hoists are used for lower capacity, lighter duty applications and for projects in which cost is a primary deciding factor. The main reasons for choosing a chain hoist are as follows:

1. Ability to change height of lift by changing the chain (versatile)

2. Compact design (no drum, which saves space)

3. Portable and can tolerate greater levels of abuse

4. Provides true vertical lift at no extra cost

5. Capacity up to 15 tons (13.6 tonnes)

Chain hoists do, however, have certain inherent inconveniences such as

1. Limited lifting speed

2. Noisier operation

3. May be problematic at a lift height of over 20 ft (6 meters)

4. Space taken by the chain or chain container

Electric hoist

Wire Rope

The wire rope is a piece of equipment that is used mainly for production tasks. The main reasons for choosing a wire rope hoist are as follows:

1. Provides faster speeds

2. Quieter than a chain hoist

3. Recommended for considerable long lifting height

4. Very smooth lifting operation

5. Heavy Safe Working Load up to 25 tons (22.7 tonnes)

Both wire rope and chain hoists available in the market today are rugged and durable products. A good load chain can lasts up to 30 times longer than a standard wire rope, and it greatly reduces the down time and operational costs. Duty ratings stated in various standards (HMI/DIN / FEM) are a better indicator of the durability of the hoist type (chain or wire rope). Therefore, when purchasing a crane, focus more on lifting speeds, headroom and features, and less on the type of hoist.