2T Wall Mounted Jib Crane , Small Jib Arm Crane With Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Condition:100% new
Control Model:Remote Control
Warranty:2 Years
Material:Steel Plate

Product Details

2 Ton Small Wall Mounted Jib Crane With Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Product Description

Wall mounter jib crane is a wall-mounted cantilevered boom arm,consist with support,jib device and electric hoist.

wall mounted jib crane offer 180 degree rotation and mount easily to any substantial structural steel building column, at any desired height.

It is widely used in workshops, warehouses, assembly line, docks ,storage and ports and etc.

It is wall mounted type especially applicable to short-distance, frequent and intensive hoisting operations, with such features as high efficiency, energy frugal, labor saving, occupying less space, easy operating and maintenance, etc.

This jib crane doesn't require modification of the building structure in which it is being installed and it doesn't take up much space, but it allows transporting goods on a three-dimensional plane.



The most common applications for jib cranes are individual workstations; machine tools, welding/fabrication stations, and some small assembly stations.They are also often used in simple loading / unloading operations where it is not necessary to spot a load precisely.

Jib cranes most often handle lighter loads at lower duty cycles than their bridge and gantry crane counterparts.

If there is a need for precise locating of heavy loads, a large area of hook coverage, or frequent use for heavy loads, the jib crane may not be the best solution.


Parts Of Wall Mounted Jib Crane


2T Wall Mounted Jib Crane , Small Jib Arm Crane With Electric Wire Rope Hoist

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