Column Mounted Slewing Jib Lifting Equipment , Free Standing Industrial Crane

Product Name:Workshop Free Standing Pillar Column Mounted Slewing Jib Crane
Cantilever Length:2.5~8m
Working Duty:A3/A4
Rotation Angle:360
Type:JIB Arm Crane
Rotation Speed:0.75r/min

Product Details

Workshop Free Standing Pillar Column Mounted Slewing Jib Crane


Product Description

BZ, BZB, BZD type jib cranes (also called column cranes) are cranes used in conjunction with electric hoists. The crane consists of a column, a slewing arm slewing device and an electric hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed to the concrete by anchor bolts. On the basis of the cycloidal pinion reduction device to drive the cantilever rotation, the electric hoist runs straight on the cantilevered I-beam and lifts heavy objects. The crane has simple structure, small occupied space, large working range, convenient operation and flexible rotation. It is suitable for fixed places such as docks, warehouses and workshops. The crane is equipped with safety protection devices and limit protection devices. It is safe and feasible and is ideal for lifting. mechanical.


Product Characteristics

The working strength of the jib crane is light-duty crane. The crane cantilever is hollow steel structure. It has light weight, large span, large lifting capacity and economical resistance. It can be hovering fast under the suspended state. The lifting cantilever and the traveling mechanism can realize manual and electric drive. Safe and accurate positioning. Built-in walking mechanism, using the guide pulley device, the friction is small, and the walking is light. Suspension control 270 degree angle, can be used with chain hoist, linear balancer, VPL spreader, can choose galvanized or painted surface. According to the different running track, the column type cantilever crane can be divided into two types: inner-mounted track cantilever crane and external rail-mounted cantilever crane. It can be used with PK-type electric chain hoist, which can be quickly and agilely lifted in the job. materials. The column cantilever crane can be installed in any position to suit various occasions.

Workshop free standing pillar column mounted slewing jib cranes can help you shorten production preparation and non-productive working hours, reduce unnecessary waiting, and obtain a good lifting height for very small lifting clearance. It is a necessary emergency lifting for high-efficiency automatic production line. Equipment, with it, ensures that the production line is unobstructed.


Kinds Of Jib Crane


Column Mounted Slewing Jib Lifting Equipment , Free Standing Industrial Crane

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