Customized 360 Degree 5 Ton Warehouse Jib Crane With Hoist Lift

Working Duty:A3~A4
Application:Warehouse/Workshop Etc
Design:Special Rotation Designing For Winding Area

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Customized 360 Degree 5 Ton Warehouse Jib Crane With Hoist Lift


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Customized 360 Degree 5 Ton Warehouse Jib Crane With Hoist Lift have a heavy wall structural steel pipe mast and a reinforced large diameter base plate for minimal deflection and continuous alignment. Durable and long lasting overhead floor cranes feature a rolled steel I-beam section with tapered flange for smooth trolley travel. Safety end stops at both ends of boom limit trolley travel. Light Duty Cranes are used for hand chain or light duty electric hoists.


Customized 360 Degree 5 Ton Warehouse Jib Crane With Hoist Lift SGS Certification


Electric hoist for jib crane

1. If the electric hoist is newly installed or installed after disassembly and inspection, it shall first be tested for several times without any vehicle. However, before the installation is completed, do not test the power.

2. Before normal use, 125% of the rated load should be carried out, lifting about 100mm off the ground, 10 minutes of static load test, and check whether it is normal.

3. Dynamic load test is based on the rated load weight, which is used for repeated lifting and left-right movement test. After the test, check whether the mechanical transmission part, electrical part and connection part are normal and reliable.

4. In use, do not use under circumstances that are not allowed, or in excess of rated load and rated closing times per hour (120 times).

5. During installation, debugging and maintenance, strictly check whether the limit device is flexible and reliable. When the hook rises to the upper limit position, the distance from the hook shell to the drum shell is greater than 50mm(10t,16t,20t is greater than 120mm). When the hook falls to the lower limit position, it shall ensure that the wire rope ring on the drum is more than 2 laps.

6. It is not allowed to press two flashlight door buttons that make the electric hoist move in opposite directions at the same time.

7. Pull the main switch of the power supply and cut off the power supply after finishing the work.

8. The electric hoist shall be operated by specially-assigned person, and the operator shall fully grasp the operation rules.

9. During the operation, special personnel shall check the electric hoist regularly, take timely measures when faults are found, and record them carefully.

10. When adjusting the braking sliding amount of the electric hoist, the braking sliding amount S shall be less than or equal to V/100 under the rated load (V is the stable lifting distance within one minute under the load).
11. Scrap standard of wire rope:

The inspection and scrapping standard of the steel wire rope shall be implemented in accordance with the CB/ t5972-1986 "practical code for inspection and scrapping of steel wire rope for hoisting machinery".

12 electric hoist use to keep enough oil, and keep the oil clean, should not contain impurities and dirt.

13. The wire rope shall be oiled with a stiff brush or a small piece of wood. It is strictly prohibited to oiling the working wire rope directly by hand.

14. When the electric hoist is not working, it is not allowed to hang the weight in the air to prevent the parts from permanent deformation.

15. During operation, if any fault is found, the main power should be cut off immediately.

16. Special attention should be paid to wearing parts during use.

17.10~20 ton hoist in a long period of continuous operation, there may be automatic power off phenomenon, which belongs to the overheat protection function of the motor, at this point can be lowered, after a period of time, after the motor cooling can continue to work


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Customized 360 Degree 5 Ton Warehouse Jib Crane With Hoist Lift SGS Certification

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