High Speed Electric Winch , Wire Rope Electric Pulling Anchor Winch

Rated Speed:22~30m/min
Power Source:Electric
Warranty:2 Years
Lifting Speed:0-30m/min

Product Details

Fast Speed Wire Rope Electric Pulling Anchor Winch CE Approved


Product Description

Fast speed wire rope electric pulling anchor winch CE approved mainly used for materials lifting, weight drops pulling and drawing in construction It is also used as main hoisting equipment in crane. It is the specialized winch of derrick and gantry frame and lifting trolley. It is suitable for lifting material and equipments installation of construction, mine site and factory.


Product Details


Steel welded frame

The bottom frame we welded by channel steel, structure firmly. With ground bolt hole and lifting ring. A shaft through the drum which made from welded steel plate/seamless steel pipe on the support shelf.



motors apply to drive all kinds of hoisting machinery. With the advantage of high overload capacity and mechanical intensity, they are especially suitable for devices such as short-time or intermittent operation, frequent starting and braking or devices with prominent capacity against vibration and impacting.



Electro-Hydraulic Block Brakes adopt pullers as their driver units. Mainly used in the mechanical braking of machine operation equipments of lifting, transportation, metallurgy, mine, port, and building mechanical devices, had the advantages of quick speed, safe stabilization, maintain simply, low noise, long useful life, electricity saving and high operation efficiency and etc.


Speed reducer

Three stage speed reduction, using high intensity gears, large load capacity, low noise feature. Initiative axes connect to motor, driven axes connect to gears of drum for forward rotation and reverse.


Control system

Push button controller

Mainly as winch starting, (the velocity modulation)and the commutation. With forward, stop, reverse and exigency stop. Also amperemeter and indicator light.


Package & Delivery Of Fast Speed Wire Rope Electric Pulling Anchor Winch


High Speed Electric Winch , Wire Rope Electric Pulling Anchor Winch

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