Low Voltage Track Powered Transfer Cart

1. Load capacity, table size, rail gauge, speed can custom per client's demand
2. Control way: push button pendant, remote control, operator platform mounted on cars
  3. Provide the optimized solution according to actual application condition

Product Details

Low Voltage Track Powered Transfer Cart


The low voltage railway power transfer car is a kind of electric material transport car running on rails in the factory. The rails are generally I-shaped contact rails, which are driven by electric system and automatically run under the drive of motor reducer. The table surface is flat and no cover.

The AC electricity power is transformed into AC 36v two-phase and are respectively connected to the two rails. Then the transfer car conduct the AC 36v on rail into the electrical appliance box at the bottom of the transfer car, the AC 36v is transformed into DC 36v and then control the DC motor through the DC control system to make the transfer car start, stop, go forward and backward and adjust the speed and so on.


1. Updated facilities and factory
2. Low voltage rails
3. Custom 1t to 300t
4. Dumping device installed
5. Service of drawing draft, installation design and auxiliary device

6. Wheels of cast steel
7. Cart frame of girder structure
8. High using frequency

Technical Parameter

Rated Load(t)22050100150
Table Size(mm)Length(L)200040005500650010000
Wheel Base(mm)12002800420049007000
Rail Inner Gauge(mm)12001435143520002000
Wheel Diameter(mm)270350500600600
Wheel Quantity44448
Ground Clearance(mm)5050507575
Running Speed(min)0-250-200-200-200-18
Motor Power(kw)
Transformer Power(KVA)36.8103030
Transformer Quanity11111
Running Distance(m)7070505050
Max Wheel Load(KN)14.477.7174343.8265.2
Reference Weight(t)2.85.9814.626.8
Recommended Rail ModelP15P24P43QU100QU100

Application Field

The railway transport car is mainly applied in assembly line(ring production line, loop production line), metallurgy industry (steel ladle), warehouse transport, ship industry (maintenance, assemble, container transport), workpiece transport in workshop, lathe transport, steel factory(steel billet, steel plate, steel coil, steel pipe, section steel, steel structure), construction(bridge, simple building, concrete, concrete column), petroleum industry(oil pump, sucker rod and parts), energy(polycrystalline silicon, generator, windmill), chemical industry(electrolytic cell, retort etc), railway(rail maintenance, rail welding, train tractor).