Portable Gantry Crane

1. Load up to 5 ton, span up to 6m, height up to 6m
2. Wear-resistant polyurethane wheels. Small rolling resistance, easy to move, safe and reliable.
3. Modularized design,beam and column bolted connection, easy installation.
4. Portal frame can be equipped with manual or electrical hoist.

Product Details

Portable Gantry Crane


Portable gantry crane mostly use in small factories daily production which needs handling equipment, warehouse on the ship, lifting and maintenance for the transport of heavy equipment and materials. It is good design and development of small lifting equipment.  

For the manufacture of the mold, automotive factroy, mine, construction site and other lifting occassion. The biggest advantage of portable gantry omni-directional mobile, small footprint, the rational design of steel structure, able to withstand the weight from 500kg to 5000kg. Especially suitable for the installation workshop equipment, handling, and debugging. Portable gantry crane reduce manpower, reduce production and operating cost, and improve work efficiency.

Features of Portable Gantry Crane

  1. Light dead weight, compact structure, small size and small wheel load

  2.  With adjustable structure, easy to transport and lifting and high operation safety

  3.  Flexible, high-efficiency, and long service time.

  4.  Rapid assembly and disassembly.

Technical Paramter of Portable Gantry Crane

Span LengthS(m)3~63~63~63~63~6
Lifting Heightm2.5~62.5~62.5~62.5~62.5~6
Lifting Speedm/min0.8/80.8/80.8/80.8/80.7/7
Trolley Speedm/min2~202~202~202~202~20
Work Duty
Wheel Diametermm∅150∅150∅150∅150∅200

Application Field

Portable gantry crane is widely used in the workshop, warehouse, garage, and many other indoor and outdoor places for its equipped with the features of light dead weight and easy operation. Compared with the heavy-duty gantries, portable gantries are available to move and disassemble from one worksite to another easily.

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