Workshop Wall Mounted Jib Crane , Manual Small Portable Lifting Equipment

Rotation Angle:180 Degree
Control Method: Remote Control

Product Details

Workshop Small Portable Wall Mounted Manual Jib Crane Lifting For Sale


Product Description

Workshop small portable wall mounted manual jib crane,which is composed with support post,rotary drive device,electric hoist.It is wall mounted type especially applicable to short-distance, frequent and intensive hoisting operations, with such features as high efficiency, energy frugal, labor saving, occupying less space, easy operating and maintenance, etc.

It is widely used in workshops, warehouses, assembly line, docks, storage and ports etc.You can choose the crane weight from 0.25 ton to 5 ton, and the way of operation may use ground control or remote control.


Product Main Features

1. Easy operation and installation
2. It is superior in the cases of short distance concentrated lifting.
3. Running smoothly and operating safety
4. Shorten loading time, improve work efficiency
5. It can be used to match with single or double speed electric hoist and chain hoist
6. High quality with good price

7. It can work within180 degrees to lift, move and handle materials.


Package & Delivery Of Wall Mounted Manual Jib Crane


Workshop Wall Mounted Jib Crane , Manual Small Portable Lifting Equipment

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