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What Are The Advantages Of European Cranes?

Mar 10, 2021

The European crane is based on the European lightweight and modular design concept and advanced production and manufacturing technology, so that the entire equipment has a compact structure, stable operation, reduced weight, lower height, energy saving and consumption, and greatly reduces the user's construction and operating costs for the operating plant. , Improve the overall quality and operating performance of the equipment. Why choose European crane? The specific advantages can be summarized as follows:


   1. Reduce customer investment, make full use of plant space, and improve production efficiency

   2. Good combination, many specifications, complete product series, which can cover most of the needs of customers

  3, safe and reliable, advanced design concept, mature technology to ensure product design

  4. Advanced control technology and high-quality key components ensure excellent crane performance

  5. Reliable performance, low failure rate, reducing use and subsequent maintenance costs

  6. Intelligent equipment, reserved multiple functional interfaces to make function expansion easier

  European style is a concept formed differently from traditional cranes. The former has the characteristics of small space occupation, overall flexibility, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, safe operation, advanced technology, good maintenance-free performance, and high work continuity rate, so it is widely used in various major industries.