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FEM/DIN Standard Double Girder Gantry Crane

Aug 14, 2018


FEM/DIN Standard Double Girder Gantry Crane 

--Design and fabricate according to FEM/DIN standard

 --Light duty & modular design

 --Advanced fabricated technology

 --High security --High reliability 

--Low-energy and maintenance-free

 --Intelligentialize The overall height of the crane can be lower 20%~25% of the tradition crane. 

--The dead load reduced by 20%~30%. 

--The maximum wheel pressure can deduct by 15% ~ 20% 

--The small limit dimension can increase the working area.

--With the lightness structure it can cut the construction costs. 

--Each spare parts on the crane can be design to series standard modulus , it can lavish the product combination 

--Its independent modulus is convenient for the transportation.

-- Standard modulus production, it can ensure stability quality of the product, it can shorten the delivery period. 

--Sandblasting pretreatment for the steel plate, its surface quality can reach to Sa2.5.

-- Using digital cutting machine to cut the web plate, ensure the smooth and precision of the camber curvilinear. 

--Main welding seam adopts auto arc merged welding, Ultrasonic, X ray nondestructive inspection.

-- The bridge and trolley frame adopts floor type boring machine to ensure the flatness of the machine side. 

--The safety supervises system equipped with overload limiter, and on the monitor it can display the loads value, it can remind the operator to prevent the overload.