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Introduction Of Crane Cleaning Method

Mar 17, 2021

We all know that cranes generally rely on materials to traverse pulleys. Therefore, in cranes and other equipment, it is necessary to lubricate and clean the parts. Assuming that the lack of lubrication or the equipment enters dirt, it will often affect the lifting effect of the equipment, or even fail. Hoist. The ball nut, thrust bearing and piston are one of the three main parts of the balancing machine. The three moving parts and the trek power of the vital parts of the balance hoisting need to be cleaned and lubricated on time to maintain the normal lifting operation of the balanced hoisting. Let us introduce the cleaning and lubrication methods and processes of these parts. The cleaning statement is as follows:


Cleaning generally requires complete differentiation and complete cleaning with solution. The solution can choose mineral oil flavors. The lubrication method and process are as follows:

1. For EA and BA series devices, turn the pilot controller screw counterclockwise until the cable is loose. In the ZA series equipment, press down the rod until the cable is loose and interrupted.

2. Remove the load on the device.

3. Closed air supply.

4. Disassemble the cable guide, rear cover and piston.

5. Lubricate the ball screw with a suitable lubricant.

6. Wipe the piston, cylinder cavity and ball screw cover with a clean cloth.

7. Apply lubricating oil to the cylinder cavity and ball nut.

8. Connect the control package to the end cap and open the air source.

9. Adjust the equipment.