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Precautions For Installation Of Electric Hoist

May 07, 2018

The installation of electric hoist is a very important job, not only to prepare well before installation, but also to pay attention to the matters needing attention in the installation.

1.In order to ensure that the electric hoist is not derailment at the ends of the track or to prevent collision and damage the body, elastic bumpers should be installed at both ends of the track.

2.When installing the electric hoist, check whether the plug of the fixed wire rope is loose.

3.A grounding wire should be set up on the track or its connected frame. The grounding wire can be bare copper wire with a diameter of 4- 5mm or a metal conductor with a section of not less than 25mm.

4.The electrical resistance of all circuits in the electrical installations should not be less than 10000 ohms per volt.