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The History Of Portal Crane Development

May 07, 2018

In April 2014, Shanghai Zhenhua set up the world's largest 2000 ton gantry crane for Brazil BrasFELS shipyard. The gantry crane is 148 meters high, equivalent to 45 storey high; the lifting tonnage reaches 2000 tons. It can lift 1400 household cars successfully in one time. The height of the gantry crane and the lifting tonnage are all refurbishing the world record. The main girder lifting is the most difficult part in the whole process. The gantry crane main beam lifting weight is about 4000 tons, to raise the main beam to 148 meters high, the windward area is large, the risk is high. In order to ensure the smooth promotion, Zhenhua heavy industry team in the 16 spot and sliding car in real time monitoring, and the establishment of the overall coordination of the promotion command. After two weeks of functional test and load test, the gantry crane obtained the use license issued by the American Classification Society and performed well in the first lifting task.