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What Factors Affect The Ambient Temperature Of The Crane

Mar 09, 2021

In road and bridge engineering, cranes are one of the indispensable mechanical equipment. This plays a very important role in highway construction. What factors affect the ambient temperature of the crane?

   1. Factors affecting temperature are one of the main factors in particular. When the crane is installed, the radian should be controlled according to the planning requirements. The height of the top of the rail on both sides of the longitudinal running rail of the bridge erecting equipment shall be horizontally balanced. The horizontal movement trajectory of the front and rear outriggers should be kept level and the distance should be strictly controlled. The four tracks are parallel.

  2. The unreasonable use of the overload lifting method has a greater impact on the deformation of the main beam.

  3. Improper repair of bridge gas cutting and improper welding will cause serious deflection of the main girder. Be careful when changing rails.

  4. The box girder is a welded structure. Due to the influence of internal stress, the metal is locally heated during the welding process to form expansion and contraction of the metal, resulting in residual force. Improper manufacturing process will also produce greater internal stress. For example, some main beam webs are not cut according to the arch requirements, and the main beam arches are forced to be cut by flame heating deformation or assembly welding.

The above are some of the factors that will affect the ambient temperature of the crane shared by the editor. You can find out if you have any questions or needs, you can consult us at any time, or you can directly leave your contact information on the website, we Will contact you in time!