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Working Characteristics Of Lifting Equipment

May 07, 2018

Some work characteristics of lifting equipment are intermittent movement, that is to say, the corresponding mechanism of taking material, transporting and unloading in a working cycle is alternately working, and the crane is more and more widely used in the development and use of the market. The speed of driving is faster than that of crawler crane (crawler crane) because of no leg lifting and heavy lifting. The operation is stable, heavy and can be lifted in a certain range, but it is necessary to ensure that the road is smooth, the tire pressure is in conformity with the requirements, and the ground should not exceed 50CM; the load is prohibited. Long distance walk. In order to ensure the safety of operations, it is basically forbidden to carry out hoisting operations at home. The types of steel wire rope used in cranes include phosphating coating wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and smooth wire rope.