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Our workshop

Finework Cranes is located in Changyuan, which is called  “China Crane Town” (which covers more than 2/3 crane market in China). The whole coverage of the workshop is 830,000㎡.

Production Center

Currently, there are three production center of Finework Cranes, one is for Overhead & gantry crane series, One is for New design of Electric hoist, one is for the comprehensive spare parts of cranes & hoist. The production capacity is 2958 sets of double girder of gantry & overhead cranes, 19723 sets of single girder of gantry & overhead cranes, and 24654 sets of electric hoists.


Product Facilities

All of the output are based on mature & reliable technology detecting measures, Fineworks cranes equips all kinds of producing equipment and detecting equipment for more than 650 sets-----the shot blasting pre-treatment line, automatic welding line, automatic cutting lines, CNC machine tools, welding platform advanced production line ,physical and chemical analysis center ,nondestructive inspection room, measuring room, completion machine test platform.


Testing Center

Years ago, to ensure that only the highest quality Cranes make it out of our plant and onto the market, we invested heavily in R&D. That led us to develop our own testing center, In the testing center, our company has passed strict inspections from the initial raw material's structural composition to each crane's accessories and working performance, which guarantee all the cranes at customers’ site with superior quality, and enable you to concentrate fully on your core business by giving you the certainty that your equipment operates with maximum reliability and efficiency.