Single Girder Overhead Bridge Crane European Standard With Electric Hoist

Lifting Speed:8m/min
Power Source:3 Phase 380V 50hz

Product Details

European Type Standard Electric Hoist Single Beam Girder Overhead Crane


Product Description

 European type standard electric hoist single beam girder overhead crane is our new designed crane for the low workshop and high lifting height demands. It has many advantages such as: Strong rigidity, light dead weight, outstanding structure design, etc. It could save your factory space and investment effectively. Its technology is advanced and design is based on international standard: DIN (Germany), FEM (Europe), and ISO (International). Its particular and special travelling structure is your best choice.


European type standard electric hoist single beam girder overhead crane could be widely used to handle materials in many industries' workshop and warehouse. such as machinery manufacture. warehouse. logistic. food. paper making, electronics industries workshop and other material handling situations. The lifting hoist adopts M5 working class with double lifting speed. Cross and long traveling are variable travelling speed. Electric parts adopt Siemens brand. The protection class is IP 54 high class. The working class can reach to A5/M5 class under ISO standard.


Technical Parameters



1t, 2t, 3t, 5t





Lifting height(m)


Control mode

Pendant control, wireless remote control, cabin control

Lifting speed(m/min)

2.8 ,8 , 8/0.8

2.3 , 5/0.8 7, 7/0.7

4, 4/0.4

Traveling speed(m/min)

20,30,45 (Inverter)

Service class(work grade)

a) M2, M3: used in places of mild service, such as workshop and warehouse.
b) M4: used in places of Medium service such as assembly and depot.

Supply power(three phase power)

380V 50HZ 3Phase (according to user require)

Hoist type

Wire rope or chain hoist, single or double speed

Working ambient temperature

-20 °C~ <55°C.


It’s not suitable for lifting blazing & melting metal or toxicant as well as explosion-proof or insulating working conditions.

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