Intelligent Crane

1. Postioning Accuracy: ±1mm
2. Anti-sway function,smoothly operation
3. Programmable & automatically control technology
4. Increased Productivity
5. Reduced Structural Stress

Product Details

Intelligent Crane


FineWork Cranes develop advanced crane is an automatically logistics hoisting equipment applied in the workshop of  factory. It  is a high flexiable crane system which can complete kinds of hoisting task with  the function of automatical control  operation, movement, programmable, human-machine interaction and self diagonostic.

The Intelligent crane can be widely used in various industrial fields, such as machinery manufacturing processing workshops, assembly plants, waste disposal plants, steel mills, power plants, shipyards, construction sites, railways, container terminals, paper industry, metallurgy Industry, etc.

Advantage of Intelligent crane

1. Reduce the waiting time of swing,  the work efficiency is increased by 30% or more.

2. Improve the safety of crane operation and reduce the risk of injury to personnel and operating areas.

3. Make cranes into a "crane robot" to achieve automatic control of material handling.

4. Improve the safe operation speed, and further improve the efficiency of the use of the crane.

5. Make the crane easy to operate, reduce the staff training time, and reduce the labor intensity of the operationer.

7. Extend the mechanical life of the crane.

8. Can be adopted by overhead cranes and gantry cranes.

Factory View of Finework Cranes

Finework Cranes