25 Ton Industrial Overhead Bridge Crane Double Girder Overhead Crane

Working Duty:A5~A8
Power Supply:3 Phase 380V 50hz Or Request
Insulation Grade:F
Lifting Speed:0-20M/MIN
Trolley Running Speed:20-40M/MIN
Crane Running Speed:50-100M/MIN

Product Details

25 Ton General Industrial Equipment Double Girder Overhead Crane


Product Description

 QD model electric bridge crane has the advantages of compact shape dimension, low building headroom height, light weight,small wheel pressure and so on. It is suitable for transporting, assembling ,repairing and load; unload works in mechanical processing workshop,metallurgy auxiliary workshop, plant and so on. The temperature of working environment is -25℃~ 40℃, it is not allowed to use in environment of inflammable, explosive and corrosive medium.

It is used together with the electric winch. It is a double girder bridge crane, whose small car is moving on the railway of the main girder.


Product Characteristics

1. This overhead crane is widely used in plants, warehouses, material stocks to lift goods.
2. The shell of hoisting motor is adopted to aluminum alloy, light weight, corrosion resisting, stable lifting and lower noise.
3. Stepless frequency control method make the crane travel stable as well as anti shake.
4. Rotation limit switch device can automatically stop lifting movement when hook reach to both upper and inferior limit.
5. Crane traveling limit switch and lifting limit switch.
6. Weight overload protective device.
7. Low voltage protection function.
8. Emergency stop system.


Parts Of Crane


25 Ton Industrial Overhead Bridge Crane Double Girder Overhead Crane


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