5-30 Ton LH Type Dual Beam Overhead Crane Lifting Equipment

Product Name:5t -30tons Lh Type Electric Trolley Dual Beams Overhead Crane
Warranty:2 Years
After-sales Service Provided:Field Installation,Online Support,Free Spare Parts
Max. Lifting Height:6m~30m
Rated Lifting Moment:Different
Max. Lifting Load:32t
Power Source:3 Phase 380V 50hz
Lifting Speed:20m/min 30m/min Or Can Be Customized

Product Details

5t -30tons Lh Type Electric Trolley Dual Beams Overhead Crane 


5t -30tons Lh Type Electric Trolley Dual Beams Overhead Crane, It has the advantages of compact size, low building clearance, light weight and small wheel pressure. It is suitable for the transshipment, assembly, overhaul and loading and unloading operations of mechanical processing workshops, auxiliary workshops of metallurgical plants, warehouses, material yards, power stations, etc. It can also replace ordinary double girder bridge cranes for production workshops in light textile industry and food industry. . Its working type is light and medium, and the working environment temperature is -25 °C ~ 40 °C. It is forbidden to use in flammable, explosive and corrosive media environment.

This product is available in both ground and operating room styles. The operation room is available in open or closed mode. According to the actual situation, it can be divided into two forms, left or right. The entry direction has three sides: the side, the end, and the end. To meet the user's choices in a variety of different needs.


Environmental conditions:

5t -30tons Lh Type Electric Trolley Dual Beams Overhead Crane is a general-purpose crane, which is mostly used in machinery manufacturing, assembly, warehouse, etc., where the frequency is low or the number of lifting times is small, and the double main beam structure bridge running on the rail of the main beam is used. Crane, which is used with fixed electric hoist in the form of CD1, MD1, etc. The crane is provided with three operating modes: bottom surface, control room and remote control. The control room is provided with two types of end face and side opening for users. Choose to use. The advantages of the crane are good stability of use, full utilization of the workshop, and suitable clearance height. The disadvantage is that the working level is low, and it is not suitable for heavy workshops.


Parts of crane:


5 - 30 Ton LH Type Dual Beam Overhead Crane Lifting Equipment With Hook

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