QDY Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane Metallurgical / Foundry Use

Product Name:QDY Metallurgical Foundry Double Girder Overhead Crane 320 Ton
Warranty:2 Years
After-sales Service Provided:Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas,Free Spare Parts
Feature:Bridge Crane
Max. Lifting Height:6m~30m

Product Details

QDY Metallurgical Foundry Double Girder Overhead Crane 



QDY type metallurgical bridge crane introduction:

 Metallurgical bridge cranes are metallurgical cranes for metal smelting, smelting and hot processing. The following ground feeding cranes, open hearth loading bridge cranes, forging cranes, quenching cranes, de-spinning cranes, uncovering cranes, clamp cranes, slab turning cranes, bin cranes, heating furnace loading and unloading cranes, whole mold cranes, etc. Metallurgical cranes can also be used as reference.


QDY type metallurgical bridge crane specifications:

1. Lifting weight: 5 tons, 10 tons, 16/3.2 tons, 20/5 tons, 32/5 tons, 50/10 tons, 74/20 tons and other common specifications;

2. Span: 10.5 meters, 13.5 meters, 16.5 meters, 19.5 meters, 22.5 meters, 25.5 meters, 28.5 meters, 31.5 meters and other common specifications;

3. Lifting height: common specifications such as 9 meters, 12 meters, 14 meters, 16 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters, 22 meters;

The above are common specifications, our factory supports non-standard design customization, data parameters can be adjusted according to actual use.


Working environment of QDY metallurgical bridge crane:


Metallurgical crane applications are generally applicable to ambient temperatures from -10 ° C to +50 ° C. The relative humidity does not exceed 50 ° C at 40 ° C. The radiant temperature of the molten metal to the forged hooks and hooks does not exceed 300 ° C. . The site used shall be free from flammable, explosive and corrosive gases and shall comply with the relevant standards and documents.


QDY type metallurgical bridge crane application range:


Metallurgical bridge cranes are suitable for the production and handling of ladle or molten metal liquids in metallurgical workshops, forging workshops, smelting workshops, foundry workshops, etc.


Drawing of bridge crane:



QDY Double Girder Overhead Bridge Crane Metallurgical / Foundry Use

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